The Optoelectronic Materials Spectroscopy group at Manchester Physics

Welcome to the OMS research group at the University of Manchester.

Our group carries out research within the Photon Physics sub-group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, based in the Photon Science Institute at the University of Manchester.

We study the origin and role of inhomogeneity in novel optoelectronic materials using a variety of experimental methods; how variations in materials at the nanoscale determine device performance for applications including photovolatics, display materials and photosensors. Our current research is spans four primary themes:

  • High-throughput semiconductor nano-optoelectronics methodology – why and how we should measure statistically meaningful datasets to reveal yield and correlations
  • Novel optoelectronic materials for photonic device applications – using correlative approaches to understand energy dynamics in emerging materials platforms (2D, perovskite, self-assembled, molecular and confined)
  • Ultrafast and single photon optical techniques – studying energy dynamics on their natural length and timescales using single photon events
  • Holistic data analysis – using correlated measurements to produce a reproducible and self-consistent model of device performance

We welcome interest from anyone who wants to join the group for MPhys, PhD or postdoctoral research.

New Grant – EPSRC Impact Accelerator with Kubos Semi

The group has been awarded a 1-year “impact accelerator” grant with Kubos Semi, to fund a 6 month secondment of group PDRA Stephen Church. In this project, Stephen will translate our high-throughput methodology towards in-line optimization of emerging semiconductor materials.

Kubos develop cubic-phase GaN which can be grown on large diameter silicon carbide-on-silicon substrates for scale up of high-efficiency LEDs, and emission across the spectrum.

The project runs from October 2022-September 2023.

Postdoctoral Research Position available: Spectroscopy of Singly-Doped Colloidal Quantum Dots

A 12 month postdoctoral position is available on an InnovateUK funded project to produce singly-doped colloidal quantum dots for quantum technology applications. This position, led by Nanoco and Dr. David Binks (Manchester Physics) runs from March 2023-March 2024.

For more details, or to apply, see

Conference Presentation: CMD 2022

Two of the group gave oral presentations at CMD29 in Manchester.

Group PhD student Hoyeon Choi reported his work on the “Impact of Microstructure of Crystallinity driven singlet fission efficiency in diF-TES-ADT“, a collaboration between Jenny Clark (Sheffield) our our group.

Group PDRA Stephen Church reported his work on “Disentangling gain, distributed losses and end-facet losses in freestanding nanowires lasers using automated high-throughput micro-spectroscopy“, a collaboration between Huiyun Liu (UCL) and our group.

New Grant – InnovateUK Commercialising Quantum Technologies

The group have been awarded an InnovateUK grant as part of the ISCF “Commercialising Quantum Technologies” call. This 18month project led by Nanoco Technologies (Widnes) and David Binks (Manchester) will explore singly-doped quantum dots as a platform for quantum technologies. The project runs from August 2022 to January 2024.

This project will recruit one postdoctoral researcher to work on high-throughput single-dot spectroscopy, to be advertised soon.