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New Publication - Distinguishing cap and core contributions to the photoconductive terahertz response of single GaAs based core–shell–cap nanowire

Our recent work on single-nanowire terahertz detectors has been published in a special issue of the Lithuanian Journal of Physics, celebrating the 70th birthday of Prof. Arunas Krotkus. In this work, Dr Kun Peng used single-nanowire terahertz detectors with different capping to understand the relative contribution of the core and
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New Publication - The influence of surfaces on the transient terahertz conductivity and electron mobility of GaAs nanowires

In research led by Hannah Joyce (University of Cambridge), and colleagues at the University of Oxford and the Australian National University we have reported an in-depth terahertz study of the influence of surfaces on carrier recombination in nanowires. By performing power-dependant and diameter-dependant measurements, Hannah determined the surface recombination velocity
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