We carry out research within the Photon Physics sub-group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, primarily based at the Photon Science Institute at the University of Manchester.

For any enquiries about the group or our research, please contact Dr Patrick Parkinson (PI).

Our Research

Our current research is divided into three themes:

  1. High-throughput semiconductor nano-optoelectronics methodology
    1. Select, pick and place methodology for nanolaser assembly
    2. Doping Studies for Electrically Pumped Semiconductor Nanowire Lasers
    3. Methodology for correlative studies
  2. Novel optoelectronic materials for photonic device applications
    1. Graphene-silicon Schottky photodiodes
    2. High speed graphene-based detectors
    3. Singlet fission processes
  3. Ultrafast and single photon optical techniques
    1. Interferometric Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting
    2. Micro transient absorption spectroscopy