Visitors from Melbourne

A welcome to Jasper, Vivek and Jiajun from the Crozier group at the University of Melbourne who visit our group for the week. This visit, funded through the Manchester-Melbourne linkage program, will allow the Melbourne group to use some of the microscopy facilities within the Photon Science Institute to understand more about their photonic devices.

Manchester – Melbourne Linkage Scheme: First trip


Patrick visited Prof Ken Crozier and postdoc Jasper Cadusch at the University of Melbourne from 19th February to 22nd February as part of the Manchester-Melbourne linkage scheme. He gave the Physics Department Colloquium on Tuesday 20th February.

During the 5 day trip, Patrick learnt about new devices being made in the Melbourne group and a research plan for the reciprocal trip was made. In addition, he made side-trips to Prof Jeff Davis (Swinburne University) and Prof Chennupati Jagadish (Australian National University) to discuss the latest research.

Manchester-Melbourne Linkage Scheme

Patrick Parkinson (Manchester) and Ken Crozier (Melbourne) have been awarded linkage scheme funding to establish a collaboration.

This funding, established by the two universities, will allow bilateral exchanges to exploit areas of expertise at the two institutions. This project will explore nanostructured silicon materials developed by the Crozier group using ultrafast spectroscopic techniques in the Parkinson group.

The first exchange will see Patrick visit Melbourne in February 2018.