Arturo Alanis

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New arXiv paper - Characterisation, Selection and Micro-Assembly of Nanowire Laser Systems

Our new paper produce in collaboration with Michael Strain and Antonio Hurtado (University of Strathclyde) and the Jagadish group (Australian National University) is now available on the arXiv. In this work, we combine high-quality nanolaser growth (ANU) with high-throughput optical spectroscopy (Manchester) and high-speed pick-and-place technology (Strathclyde) to demonstrate scaled-up
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New Paper - Visible and infrared photocurrent enhancement in a graphene-silicon Schottky photodetector through surface-states and electric field engin

Nawapong Unsuree has had a paper accepted for publication in 2D Materials. coming from a collaboration between the Echtermeyer group (Manchester) and the Parkinson group. The research was conducted in the National Graphene Institute and the Photon Science Institute. This new research reports the application of infrared scanning photocurrent microscopy
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