Goodbye and thanks to Conor!

Over the past 10 weeks, Conor Wilman (a UoM undergraduate) has been working with the group developing a low-cost and easy method of doing terahertz spectroscopy, known as terahertz quasi-time-domain-spectroscopy. His work, funded by the Rank Prize Funds Summer Studentship has been in trying to replicate this technique in the Manchester labs.

While the final spectrometer unfortunately did not work out, he produced a number of interesting findings and new designs along the way.

Thanks to Conor!

Thanks (and bye) to Manish

Thanks to Manish, who completed his 6 week summer project in the group. Over this time, he developed (and redeveloped) code to allow for repeatable location of single almost-identical nanowires.

In the end, by building on an approach designed by astronomers his code was able to location unique features known as “quads” within the nanowire field.

Thanks Manish!

Welcome to Manish and Conor!

We welcome two University of Manchester physics undergraduate students to the group for a summer project.

Manish Patel joins us to spend 6 weeks looking at how to identify the same nanowire twice on a substrate of 100,000 – not an easy challenge when they all look the same!

Conor Wilman holds a Rank Prize Funds Summer Scholarship to spend 10 weeks developing a quasi-THz time domain spectrometer for low-cost and accurate materials characterisation in the terahertz regime.

Welcome Manish and Conor!