2020.S7 – Group MPhys Students

The group welcomes a bumper set of new MPhys (Masters project) students on a range of projects. Welcome to all students!

Big-data for nano-electronics – development of machine-learning tools for analysis of imaging and spectroscopic data for nanotechnology
Rafe Whitehead, Thomas Blackmore, Omar Ahmed, Jonathan Ryding
Earth’s-field NMR – design and construction of an NMR system to operate in the Earth’s magnetic field
Luis Pedro Martins Mestre, Alexander O’Sullivan, James Overend, Ewan Kilpatrick
i-TCSPC analytics – studying single photon sources with inteferometric single-photon counting
Jake Manning

Welcome to Tom Flavell

A welcome to Tom Flavell, a new PhD student in Physics who is primarily supervised by Prof. Wendy Flavell (no relation) and co-supervised by Patrick and Dr Andrew Thomas. Tom will be working on perovskite quantum dots, and will make use of the low-light spectroscopy facilities based in the OMS group.

Welcome to Harry and Lydia!

The group welcomes Harry and Lydia, two Manchester Physics MPhys students to the group. They will work together on a project to develop a high-resolution and low-cost interferometric distance standard using atomic transitions in lanthenide glasses.

Welcome to Ruqaiya and Nawal!

The group welcomes Ruqaiya and Nawal as two new PhD students working in the group.

Ruqaiya will be working on nanolasers for on-chip photonics using both nanowires and nanoshapes developed by collaborators in UCL, ANU and China.

Nawal will be working on ultrafast photodetectors based on 2D materials with collaborators in Manchester and China.

MPhys projects 2018 – Welcome

The group welcomes four undergraduate MPhys students who will spend the semester working on their final year project:

  • Lily Shepherd and Rachel Clark return to work on compressive sensing applications for future photovoltaic characterization.
  • Jade Clarke and Eadie Weston will start a new project on open-science, looking to create 3D printable optomechanical actuators.

Visitors from Melbourne

A welcome to Jasper, Vivek and Jiajun from the Crozier group at the University of Melbourne who visit our group for the week. This visit, funded through the Manchester-Melbourne linkage program, will allow the Melbourne group to use some of the microscopy facilities within the Photon Science Institute to understand more about their photonic devices.