Congratulations to group PhD Stefan Skalsky

A post-viva call

A huge congratulations to group PhD student Stefan Skalsky (co-supervised with Prof. Wendy Flavell) who passed his PhD viva with minor corrections. Even more impresively, he managed to deal with the challenges of a video-cal based viva.

His examiners were Prof. David Mowbray (Sheffield) and Prof. Mark Dickinson (Manchester).

PhD Viva: Arturo

Arturo Alanis (the first PhD student of the group) had a successful PhD viva today. His thesis examiners were Dr Hannah Joyce (Cambridge) and Dr Jessica Boland (Manchester).

Arturo has already secured a postdoctoral position to start in a few weeks; we’ll be sad to see him go, but wish him the best for his future beyond Manchester and the North West! Over the past four years Arturo has built much of the experimental tools and techniques for our work on nanowires and nanowire lasers – as well as dealing with lab moves and teaching.

All the best to Arturo on the next stage of his career!

Viva in Cambridge

Patrick was the external examiner for Limeng Ni, a PhD student in the group of Akshay Rao at the University of Cambridge. Limeng was examined on her thesis exploring energy transfer in 2D perovskite materials, nanoparticles, and lanthenide-containing materials with a focus on singlet fission and triplet-triplet annihilation.