Conference Presentation: CMD 2022

Two of the group gave oral presentations at CMD29 in Manchester.

Group PhD student Hoyeon Choi reported his work on the “Impact of Microstructure of Crystallinity driven singlet fission efficiency in diF-TES-ADT“, a collaboration between Jenny Clark (Sheffield) our our group.

Group PDRA Stephen Church reported his work on “Disentangling gain, distributed losses and end-facet losses in freestanding nanowires lasers using automated high-throughput micro-spectroscopy“, a collaboration between Huiyun Liu (UCL) and our group.

Nanowire Week 2022: Talks and Posters
Nanowire week 2022

Group members Dr Stephen Church and Nikesh Patel have presented their work at the 2022 Nanowire Week meeting in Chamonix, France.

Stephen gave an oral presentation on his recent research on “Nanowire facet reflectivity and lasing performance using high-throughput interferometry“.


Nikesh presented a poster on his work on “High Intra- and Interwire Uniformity in 2D Radial GaAsP/GaAs Core/Shell Triple Quantum Well Structures

MRS Fall 2021 – Mobility, Quantum Efficiency and Defect Density from High Throughput Spectroscopy of CsPbBr3 Nanowires

Stephen Church will present a talk on his recent work on holistic modelling using high-throughput spectroscopy virtually at MRS Fall 2021. This work, in collaboration with Prof Ernesto Joselevich at the Weizmann Institute uses high-throughput multimodal techniques to simultaneously model mobility, quantum efficiency and defect density from a single correlative study.

Conference Talks: EUROMAT 2021

Group PhD student Ruqaiya Al-Abri and postdoctoral researcher Stephen Church both gave oral talks at EUROMAT 2021. The conference, originally scheduled to be held in-person in Vienna, ran as a virtual meeting.

Ruqaiya gave her first oral presentation on her collaboration with Lund University on “High-throughput spectroscopy for optimizing internal quantum efficiency in Aerotaxy-grown Zn-Doped GaAs Nanowires” in the Nanowires and Nanotubes session.

Stephen presented his new work, (and first in the group) on a recent collaboration with the Weizmann Institute on “Carrier dynamics and recombination mechanisms from high-throughput study of strained CsPbBr3 perovskite nanowires“.