New Paper – Graphene-Silicon-On-Insulator (GSOI) Schottky Diode Photodetectors

Hakan Selvi has had a paper accepted for publication in RSC Nanoscale describing SOI graphene-based photodetectors. In a collaboration between the Echtermeyer group and the Parkinson group at the University of Manchester, Hakan showed that by modifying the shape and thickness of the silicon, the electrical and optical characteristics could be optimized. In particular, a near 1GHz device response was demonstrated by suppressing diffusion currents.

Reference: H Selvi, E Hill, P Parkinson and T Echtermeyer, RSC Nanoscale 2018 (10.1039/C8NR05285A)

Visitors from Melbourne

A welcome to Jasper, Vivek and Jiajun from the Crozier group at the University of Melbourne who visit our group for the week. This visit, funded through the Manchester-Melbourne linkage program, will allow the Melbourne group to use some of the microscopy facilities within the Photon Science Institute to understand more about their photonic devices.