UK III-V Nanowire meeting

Patrick attended the UK III-V Nanowire meeting at Corpus Christi College, Oxford to discuss recent work in the nanowire field with colleagues from across the UK.

Discussion ranged from dot-in-wire structures, through solar photovoltaics, infrared photodetectors and chip-to-chip communications. Patrick spoke on statistical study of nanowire optoelectronic properties as a new measure for these materials.

Lab progress

The setup for the new micro pump-probe, scanning photoluminescence and photocurrent microscopy and non-linear microscopy system is progressing. The tables are installed, and gantries fixed – next for the laser commissioning.

Goodbye to MPhys students

A goodbye to Dylan Maxwell and David Barcons who have completed their S7 MPhys project. They worked together to develop non-equilibrium carrier dynamics modelling in nanowires, and to couple this to experimental measurements using TCSPC.

Thanks Dylan and David!